2005 Rouge City on eBay

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  1. Hmm... chigirl pointed out that this seller purchased a Chloe python silverado that is questionable :yucky: The seller bought the bag from someone who does sell authentic bags, but you never know.

    Thoughts, anyone?
  2. Your cat is adorable Cristina.. :biggrin:
  3. :lol: Thanks! That's Fat Mike. He attacked my camera one evening when I was trying to snap some cute pictures of him and my other cat :amuse:
  4. The city looks real to me; I did not do a letter check on the "Z" though.
  5. I sold the current seller that bag- it's real:yes: However, she is using my pictures without my permission:Push:
  6. ouch! It always sucks when we forgot to watermark pics, sorry to hear that acegirl :Push: Though at least we know its the same bag that she's selling :smile: The 05 Rouge is BEAUTIFUL!!!! :heart:
  7. Yes, I need computer 101 to learn how to do that!;) Or at least I need to remember to put my name on a little card on the bag. Yes, I kind of regret selling it but I needed some fast $$ for Uncle Sam (damn him!:rant: )
  8. I believe I bought your beautiful Magenta City bag acegirl.....I just absolutely love it!

  9. Yea! How cool! What a great bag that was. I hated to sell it even more than the Rouge:cry: Wear it well~;)

    PS. I emailed & asked her to change the pics to her own. She emailed me back & apologized. She is so new, she didn't realize she couldn't use the old auction pics. Issue solved!
  10. man, i wish i had some money, i've been drooling after that rouge city since you posted it!
  11. The rouge is a beauty too! I wonder why she is selling it.....sounds like the picture thing was an honest mistake. :smile:
  12. Love that rouge color!!! It is STUNNING!
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