2005 reissue: Keep or return?

  1. I have a dilemma. I have finally found a black reissue 227 from 2005 that I have been wanting forever. And I got it today and it is beautiful EXCEPT there was no authentication card:sad:. I used to not care about this but since this is a collectors item, I just want everything to be perfect.

    So I am torn as to what to do. Should I keep it and just be happy I found one or return it since it really should have the authentication card?

    I would love your advice. Thanks!
  2. KEEP!!!! :drool: :heart: :drool:
  3. Do you plan on keeping it forever? Or sell later??
  4. I'm pretty anal about that stuff too. I would want the card. But, if I had no intention of ever selling it, and I really loved the bag, I would definitely keep it regardless. If, however, you may want to sell it one day, they I might consider returning it.
  5. Keep it! And wear it and enjoy it! Congratulations on finding such a rare bag!
  6. I don't plan on selling it. And I am usually the type that doesn't care about the card (maybe because all my other bags just came with the card). But since it will be a special bag for me, I just want it to be perfect. Is it silly thing to worry about since I wanted this bag for so long?
  7. I say keep it!! I have that bag and love it!
  8. Keep it and enjoy it!!!!!!!! :nuts:

    Congrats on finding this gorgeous bag!!!!!! :yahoo:
  9. I will keep it!!
  10. I have that bag and love it. I would keep it.
  11. Keep it
  12. I would likely keep it--re-issues are so gorgeous, and the 2005 ones are extra-special. If you return it and never find another one, will you regret it? If you would, keep it. That is how I would make the decision.
  13. Thank you everyone for your input, it sounds pretty unanimous. Wouldn't it be nice to have a forum like this to ask about other life decisions, not just bags? (It would have VERY useful when I was single!)
  14. Ugh - the missing authenticity card! I too am suffering from that with a GST, and as I was told when the NM Chanel manager called HQs that they do not under any circumstance reissue the cards. A black 227 reissue from 2005 - oh my gosh! That's a score! I rationalized my missing authenticity card this way....if I'm not reselling my bag within 2-3yrs, then it's not so bad. I'm keeping the tags and the NM receipt just in case though. Keep the bag. I would.
  15. Keep it since it's so hard to find nowadays.