2005 Red Jumbo.....the Myth Revealed!


aka : Leslie
Dec 21, 2008
Austin , Tx
So, I have been looking for the PERFECT Red ( I mean, who isn't? :biggrin: )

I happened to see that allbrandspls had posted this amazing rare bag on the Finds thread this week.....

A 2005 RED Silver HW JUMBO ! :yahoo:

Then I saw she had posted the following thread too...


Well, once I found that neither she nor Jaded was going for this bag, I decided that maybe this 2005 Red was the perfect RED JUMBO for me! :nuts:

Who is ready for a reveal? :graucho:
( for those that hate reveals, it will be a quick one...I will get the photos up just as soon as photobucket allows me to ! ) ;)