2005 paddys

  1. i am thinking about buying a 2005 whisky paddington,
    its pre loved and has little wear, how much should i be paying for it? and are there any variations between it and the newer whisky paddys?

    do any of you have the 2005 paddys?
  2. I just bought a pre-loved 05 Chocolate Paddie in good condition, it is the only Paddie I have ever seen in r/l. The whiskey color is simply beautiful and I can see why you like it.

    I will tell you this, the 05 leather is amazingly soft and strong, all at the same time. It 'puddles', which to me, is the sign of great leather.

    I purchased mine for $750 shipped which I thought was a very fair price.
    PaddyFront.jpg PaddySide.jpg PaddySidePockets.jpg PaddyInside.jpg
  3. The leather on yours looks wonderful, puddling just like it should. It looks like you got a great deal.

    It is easy to fix up those scuffed corners with abit of shoe polish in the exact color. Just put a teeny tiny bit on your finger and rub on, let it set for a minute or two then buff it off with a clean cloth. Add some leather conditioner to the entire bag and you are good to go.
  4. really, thanks for that tip, i dont mind that its worn i wanted a paddy that i wasnt scared to use, i have a mousse and did have a aubergine and was to scared to use them.
  5. 05 paddies are my favorite! The leather, color were incredible! Excellent score!
  6. im really excited about getting it now!!!!:yahoo:
  7. Congrats! 05 leather is TDF! :love: Maybe it's the picture, but that looks like tan to me?
  8. Yeah LB, i'm sure that's tan too! :yes:

    <----That's whiskey in my avatar, the tan is lighter than that.

    Gorgeous 05 bags ladies....dribble:drool:
  9. I love my whiskey, what is the price?
  10. yeah i think it is the tan colour rather than whisky, it doesnt seem as light as the tan one though?
    i got it for £250 ReRe, have alook at the link and see waht you think?!
    ill post some pictures when i get it for you all to see:smile:
  11. Serious score at that price!!!

    I have had 11 paddies and the 05s were by far and away the most amazing :heart: (well, maybe except for an 06 choco that was devine).

    You are going to LOVE this bag when you get it. Congrats :yes:

    PS. DEFINITELY TAN :tup: Chloe didn't make the Whiskey until 06!
  12. oh cool i love the tan as much as the whisky,
    you ladies are making me feel better about buying another paddy!
    wow id love to have 11 paddys too:tup: that would be so cool what colours do you have?

  13. ITA on everything hmwe says..!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:
    2005 leather's the best! Yours seems smooshy and nicely pebbled on the auction which is what I adore the most in these bags among the style!
    And it's tan classic chloe campaign colour from 05, and whiskey was 06 colour:yes: CONGRATS..!!!
  14. Sigh, I had (in no particular order):

    06 Chocolate
    06 Mousse
    06 Tan
    06 Rouge
    06 Taupe
    06 Blanc (my fav :heart:)
    05 Vanilla
    05 Craie
    05 Grenat
    05 Bleu Nuit

    and I think # 11 is actually the only Chloe I still have, a wondermous Silverado in cognac Python :supacool: