2005 Paddy vs. 2006 Paddy

  1. So I have read so many threads about the difference between the two. With so many threads everything just kinda jumbled together. Can paddy owners please tell me what the difference is between 2005 and 2006 paddys?
  2. From what I've read the leather is different, the locks are lighter and the colors are different (more color options, variations on the colors). The real question is, are these improvements or just changes? There is a distinction since some 2005 Paddy lovers seem to think the new 2006 versions are not as nice? And vice versa...
  3. When I was buying Paddingtons in 2005, I didn't feel a need to see several of the same color like I did with my 2006 bags. The only color I had to see two of was the tan, and I think my first one (returned) was a black sheep to begin with. The second one was perfect (still is). Then I got choco which was perfect too. Next was whiskey, released in winter 2005 but part of the 2006 collection. I loved the leather, texture and shape but the lock was hollow and more of a matte gold than brass. Kept it for its other attributes and ordered another whiskey from BG online - that came with a scratched lock and the ugliest, stiffest leather I have ever seen on a Paddington. Back it went; kept first whiskey. Then Noir - got a 2006 from NM Boston - peeling lock - stiff leather. Held onto it for a 10% discount, then found a 2005 Noir at a NM in New Jersey with great leather and hardware and pulled the ol' switcheroo!

    The stress of trying to find a good 2006 bag if you don't have access to them IRL is too much for a handbag lover to handle, LOL!
  4. Roey, why do you think that they have changed the leather? I would think they would keep the pebbled distressed leather since that was what drew so many people originally. I know that's why I love the look of the Paddingtons. By making it stiff it looses its appeal (my opinion only, of course) The only downfall of the bag I think is the heaviness of the padlock. But by making the padlock hollow diminishes the quality, in my eyes.

    The search for the perfect 2006 Paddington sounds like what I went through with the Edith...it's a lot of work to choose a perfect one without seeing them in real life!
  5. Everyone talks about pebbled, distressed leather but in the earlier bags, not all were pebbled. Distressed yes, but pebbled was still hit or miss. My tan has very thick, textured leather with no pebbling. It wasn't so much the pebbliness of the 2005 leather that was the draw, it was the thicker, distressed, almost luggage-like leather that gave the Paddington its appeal. Also, there was speculation that Chloe sourced the bags to an additional factory to meet 06 demand, and thus began the inconsistencies in leather and hardware.
  6. Now I want to know where you get all of your Chloe education! :graucho:
    It's amazing, really. It is a shame that Chloe would forsake quality control for more sales. Wasn't the original appeal of the bag also because only 8,000 were made worldwide?

    If you really consider it, it was really deceitful marketing just to build up hype...:sad: I wonder if they will just keep it as a signature piece and keep reproducing it (just like the LV monograms)?

    But I still love the bag. ;)
  7. I got my paddy today and chloe boutique,however the padlock is not in the centre but is at the side.

    however i surfed the net but i don see the design of the bag anywhere online. suddenly felt regretful :/ have any of u guys seen such a design by chloe before? thanks
  8. Oh, I just answered your other post.. I think you have the east-west paddy. Can you post a pic for us? I think the east-west is quite a nice bag too. What don't u like about it or was your heart set on the regular Paddy?
  9. The leather chages are reminiscent of the original Marc Jacobs and later releases, the 2003 - 2005 Balenciaga bags and now the less squishy 2006 leather. My bleu nuit and my whiskey Paddys are my 2 favorite for leather and overall shape. They simply make me smile. When I take them out of their dustbags, the aroma fills my space. My later ones require me reaching closer to sniff their leather smell.

    I am curious as to materials (we won't even mention quality) of the F/W 2006 releases. We should scoop up all we can find now in case they follow tradition :roflmfao:
  10. yea,actually my heart was set on the regular paddy cos it seems to be the popular design and i didn wan others to think is fake (since i myself haven seen tat design b4 haha).so i guess im trying to love it by keep looking at it ;) PS:furthermore the boutique only had this left,argh!
  11. itsybitsy, I think if you were hoping for the regular Paddy, you should get that instead. Could you return the east-west Paddy and get your money back? Whereabouts are you? You can get the regular Paddy at a number of different places. I just feel that you'll always want the regular Paddy coz that's what you had in mind the whole time.
  12. i thought of returning and get my money back,but i dono if the boutique works that way in here(im in singapore btw). anyway this was the least piece over here thats why i just thought i'll just get it since somehow it does looks ok(reluctantly).

    OH WELLS!!

    btw,thanks for ur advice!
  13. You're welcome:smile:

    I think the east-west is really cute. I was even thinking about getting one myself a couple of months ago but then got cought up in other bags, hehe. Which colour is yours? I would love to see your pics:smile:)
  14. is actually in jaune. will PM u when i took pics of it & hopefully u can give me ur honest opinions. :biggrin:
  15. Hi itsybitsy, from the pics I've seen of the east-west, I've always thought it was cute! I would love to see your pics!