2005 Metallic Red Classique SP 1099 or BO

  1. $40 for shipping! yikes.
  2. Wish I could see the picture (can't get into eBay from work) ... as I have the Red Metallic Clutch. $40 is a little steep ... where is it being sent from???
  3. oh... i really want this... but i dont want to have to pay custom.... it is sent from HK, right?
  4. This is LVLady99's listing and she's shipping it from Hong Kong. Her shipping is fast too...I paypaled her on a Saturday and had my bag by Tuesday or Wednesday!! :yes:
  5. ^^It's good to know that you purchased from her E. She had a bag that I was admiring, but her feedback scared me off.
  6. I have bought from her too and had a great experience. This is such a cute bag too!
  7. ohh.. hot! =)
  8. I've purchased from her too ... super-fast shipping & bags were exactly as she had described.
  9. Its a hot colour1

    But i am confused about the description she has.

    Item Specifics - Handbags, Bags
    Style: Handbag, Purse
    Material: Leather
    Brand: Louis Vuitton
    Condition: EXCELLENT
    Main Color: Green
  10. ^I don't know, she probably just made a mistake. You could ask her about it, she usually answers questions within twenty four hours or so. She's super nice.
  11. I think $40 is reasonable coming from overseas. I charge between that and $50 to ship overseas depending on the weight of the bag. Plus I ship Global Express. I have never had to pay customs fees on anything. ...her feedback has waaaaay too many negs for me. I personally wouldnt buy from her. The hong kong thing is a big turnoff for me as a buyer....on another note, does the metallic wear off after a while?
  12. ladies I can totally vouch for the seller...I bought a couple of things from them off and on ebay and never had problems!!! the seller is very reliable and runs an honest biz:yes:
  13. no it's reduced to 999 OBO!