2005 Metallic Collection

  1. This is a picture only reference to highlight the colors from the 2005 Metallic Balenciaga Collection. This collection features raised silver hardware (unlike the other 05 bags leather bags which feature raised brass hardware).
  2. 2005 Pewter Metallic City
    2005 Pewter Metallic Weekender
    2005 Pewter Metallic Classique
    pewter metallic.jpg Pewter Voyage-Weekender.jpg pewterfirst003.jpg
  3. 2005 Silver Metallic Cities
    silver metallic.jpg DSCN3764.JPG
  4. 2005 Rose Metallic First
    2005 Rose Metallic City
    rose metallic.jpg DSCN3770.JPG
  5. 2005 Bronze Metallic First
    2005 Bronze Metallic Twiggy
    bronze metallic.jpg IMG_0946.jpg