2005 Marc Jacobs Blake

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  1. Hi there,
    Does anyone have a Blake from the 2005 collection? I've spotted a black one on ebay that really looks authentic to me, but i asked the seller for one more shot (there are many)--one of the made in italy stamp on the inside suede. She replied: [FONT=Arial, Verdana]"the Made in Italy is engraved on the silver faceplate underneath the Marc Jacobs, as shown in the picture on the listing. Older models of Marc Jacobs used to have the Made in Italy stamped on the suede inside the bag. This is a 2005 model."

    what do you ladies think? this'll be my first MJ bag and i'm nervous..:shrugs:
  2. I have a Fall '05 Blake. Do you have an auction number or link to the auction? That's a big help.
  3. Please post this in MJ auth this area...
  4. I don't know if that is necessarily true for all 2005 models. I bought a Peacock blue Sophia from Saks this summer and it had the Made in Italy embossed in the suede.

    MJ has made seasonal differences in his plating for his bags, some will have everything on the nameplate, some will only say MJ with the Made in italy embossed on the suede. The only one he no longer does is the stitched Made in Italy tag from several years ago.

    If you'd like us to authenticate the bag, post in the Authentication thread and we'll help you.
  5. Please post in AUTH THIS...area..only..Thanks!
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