2005 Ice Blue city on ebay!!!

  1. ^^ That's Loganz auction again - she's really cleaning house! Thank goodness it says the colour gets dirty easily - its the only thing stopping me from buying it.
  2. lovely!
  3. Wow beautiful color! C'mon Nhelle GO FOR IT.....lol!
  4. OMG!!!! I really need to rob a bank....:roflmfao:
  5. ME TOO! I can't afford all that I want!
  6. Love this one. I hesitate only because of it getting dirty.
  7. OMG!!! GREAT BIN price too!!!! Why of why did I look in this thread... Someone pleeeeease put me out of my misery & save me from myself LOL
  8. * Must walk away from the keyboard now* OMG someone buy this fast
  9. IT'S GONE!!!! Phewwwwwww..........

    p.s.: CONGRATS Loganz!! And whoever got this beauty (anyone here?) :yahoo:
  10. it wasn't me!!!! i swear!!!!:roflmfao: :lol:
  11. Thank god!!! Did a PF'er get it?
  12. :lol::roflmfao: LOL, I know it's not you. It's funny how we're begging other people to get a beautiful bag in excellent condition for a great BIN
  13. WOW ladies - I was shocked by that one -

    I had one question on it and only 3 watchers; then pow - a buyer bin-ed it. :graucho:

    yes, I have cleaned house of all of my b-bags...:cry: ...perhaps one day I will buy more - but right now I have my eye on two large purchases and I really needed to sell these to free up some capital. :amuse:
  14. I actually was about too get it... honestly....hahahaha.....:roflmfao: :lol:

    I have to thank the buyer for saving me....:roflmfao: