2005 Gray Purse from lovely PFer

so i watched and watched this auction last week before it expired. I was going to bid but didnt want to pay quite the BIN, now the BIN is less...

should I ask hubby again? I have never seen a purse, so i'd hope it would look good on me. The color is heavenly!!!!!!!!!
This is a fabulous price, for a fabulous color, and a fabulous discontinued style. LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE it! Don't let this one get away! Keep it in the family!
Thank you all for the compliments! :shame: If I did not just purchase two Chloe Edith's and everything under the sun in the Coach striped legacy collection (oh yea, the LV damier also), then I would keep her.

I think everyone should have one Purse style in their collection. It really is a lovely shaped bag.