2005 Gray or 2006 Lilac 2006 Work?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I need to make a decision . Gray or Lilac work? please help!
  2. They are both wonderful neutrals, and would match a similar color palette. Depending on what colors you tend to wear, I guess... grey would be more neutral and match beige as well as black, and lilac would be good if your wardrobe has any pastel colors in it.
  3. I really like the 2005 brey. That would be my choice between those two colors.
  4. As you can see from my signature, that's what I would choose. They are both beautiful bags but I think the grey will go with a lot more than the lilac.
  5. thanks so much, I decided on the gray, will post pics soon........love to you!
  6. Congrats on the grey thats what I would have chosen
  7. I like both but right now I am wanting a grey!
  8. I would have to say gray 05 since I'm not a big fan of lilac, (but it's a pretty color, just not for me) and because the 05 leather seems so smooshy. I hope I can get a bbag from 05 (or earlier) one day!
  9. Lilac :smile:
  10. lilac the 05 grey is too dark - i like greige though!
  11. Ahhh... sigh... :girlsigh: Lilac 06...

    LOL and if you don't end up getting that one, please send the Lilac my way please...
  12. Lilac!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. GREY!
  14. yay, you chose grey! that's the color I would have suggested. can't wait to see pics!
  15. i know you have chosen a colour, but i have to say this: lilac! :p if i have unlimited funds for bags, i would get both - i prefer the greige rather than the dark grey.