2005 Dolma Green - Mint Sp $1000

  1. AAAAHHH! I NEED this bag! :nuts:

    Do you think it will go really high?
  2. hopefully not... it is SO beautiful, I hope someone who will cherish it forever will get it!
  3. Oh my!!! I love this bag! Too bad I have so many green-colored clothes, otherwise I'd totally get this!
  4. ^I would!:tender:

    QUOTE mocean: hopefully not... it is SO beautiful, I hope someone who will cherish it forever will get it!
  5. Such A Beauty!
  6. i can't believe the seller said its in mint condition when its obviously been worn alot... dolma green is such abeautiful colour, but a mint doulma bag would NOT look like that at all
  7. It looks good to me.....it's the same color all over the bag....dolma is a little faded looking...that's the vintagey nature of certain colors like taupe and dolma....
  8. Please none of you buy this unless you pay for it by Paypal, via the proper E-bay channels. It's suspicious to ask for money order or cheque, or Paypal via the sellers, not e-bays method.
  9. i had a dolma classique before and it just didn't look like that since i didn't use it alot.
  10. pinkpirate, i do not think it looks worn. dolma bags varied in their distressing. i have one that looks just like hers, and always has from the beginning.
  11. ^ Yeah, dolma is one of those gorgeous vintage colors Balenciaga made that has a lot of color variation from bag to bag.
  12. yep! thats what makes it so special because only you have a bag like that :yes:
  13. Dolma is a color that does fade over time though. So maybe it started like this, and maybe it didn't. The corners are clean though.
    I have a hard time with colors that fade, it makes me WAY too sad. I know the majority of people love it though. That's one of the reasons I sold the Cornflower and wouldn't buy the greens or pinks. But that's just me ;)
  14. This bag is in excellent condition. My dolma work looks like that too and it's almost brand new. That's why older balenciagas are so special because of it's vintage look. I prefere the leather on this..yumm
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