2005 City vs. 2007 City (Pictures Please)

  1. Hi. I would love to see pictures of the 2005 black city and the 2007 black city. I'm trying to seeing which to get. Thanks!
  2. well, its a bit trickier than just that. i dont have a 07 black city, but i do have an 05FW, and also had an 05SS

    here are the two black 05 cities. the distressed one is the fall winter.

    the smooth, spring summer..
    they are completely different.. the fw bag is silky and distressed.. the SS much thicker and smoother..

    i say, find a bag that you like.. dont think so much of year and season!

    good luck!
    05Z.jpg 05A.jpg
  3. Oh, how I love your distressed 05 black City!! :nuts:
  4. My aunt has a 05 black City and has a more saturated black color than my 07 black City. My 07 is extremely shiny and I'm trying to get rid of that annoying glaze by using my City more often. Her 05 is more matte and simply beautiful! I'm still trying to talk her into swapping her City for mine. :devil:

    So if you can get a 05, I suggest you to go for it! :jammin:
  5. Toni, your bags are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! I'm really leaning toward the 2005 bags after seeing yours. Wish me luck!

  6. you are so welcome.. i love the 05s as you can see!

    i am currently carrying my FW 06 black work every day in an experiment to see if i can break it in like an 05 bag. its not really working! lol
    i do agree with the deeper black of the 05 bag comment.. the 06 is sort of washed out looking, but in a very nice way... just not as rich..
    good luck!

  7. Toni,
    I must say your cities are beautiful!! go for the 05 city instead of the 07.:yes:
  8. I think that might be the one bag that should I decide to get it, I would get it used so I could get the 05 black one. There was one on eBay earlier today in fact.
  9. Hi, here is mine with 05 city black bag:heart: :heart: :
    KIF_1132%28small%29.JPG KIF_1143%28small%29.JPG
  10. F/W 05 black city. It's so smooshy and wonderful. :yes:
    black city.jpg
  11. ^^ You are so lucky!! Your bag is so beautiful.
    I have an 07 black city, when I get home I will post pics.
  12. Toni, I absolutely love you black bags...they'll definately tide you over the rest of yr life even if yr purse ban never breaks...

    Celia, yr 05 is gorgeous!!!

  13. Here is my 07 black city!!!! This is what she looked like when I first got her. The modeling pic is after 2 months of wear. I love her more than when I first bought her.

    :love: :love: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    bbag pic 2.jpg bbag pic 3.jpg bbag pic 4.jpg crook 2.jpg
  14. Thanks stefeilnately......it's still my baby and when i first bought it...i always been carryin it all the time...hahahahaha:graucho::graucho: