2005 Choco Paddys

  1. Were the interiors brown or off white or were they made with both?

  2. off white when first made in '05 then changed to brown in '06...New to Chloe but pretty sure I am right on that!
  3. Thanks!
  4. I had and sold an 05 and it was off white.
  5. Okay.
    Good to know.
    My girlfriend has been on the hunt for a paddy and I came across an auction on Ebay. It was from a MPRS who I know some PFers have bought authentic LV from, but I never saw her carry paddies before.

    This one looked great and the price was awesome, but the interior lining was throwing me off.

    This was the auction
    eBay: MPRS Authentic Chloe Paddington Shoulder Bag Dark Brown (item 130026962280 end time Sep-14-06 13:47:22 PDT)