2005 Chloe Paddington Handbag

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  1. hELLO ladies.a friend of mine says that the 2005 chloe paddington is very beautiful (in her opinion more beautiful than the 2006 bag) but i never saw it.anyone has a photo of it to show me?it would be wonderful... thanks
  2. I see no difference at all...2005 or 2006 Chloe Paddington's are just beautiful & hopefully it stays that way in many years to come.

    Maybe your friend saw a different kind of Paddington style but even so, as a Chloe Paddington fan that Iam...they're just gorgeous!

  3. There is a thread comparing the 2006 and 2005 Paddys.
    A lot of the difference seems to be in the leather.
    The leather on the earlier bags was a lot more slouchy and broken in whereas the new bags seem to be stiffer.
  4. I agree - i have a 2005 paddy, the leather is just sooo slouchy, i love it:love: :love:
  5. look, she send me this photo: [​IMG]

    isn't it beautiful?
  6. ^Your friend sent you that photo ... I'm sorry but it looks fake. The leather looks wrong and the studs are way too shiny. It just doesn't look right to me.
  7. I agree with asl_bebes...that bag is fake! There is so many things wrong with that bag and the leather quality is a dead giveaway. The bag will not stay upright like that especially if it's supposed to be from 2005. Anyway, I hope your friend didn't pay too much thinking it's the read deal.
  8. I third it, sorry, its a hideous fake :sad:
  9. I agree w/ the consensus.. that is a FAKE!!! :yucky:
  10. Hopefully you won't break your friend's heart too much when you tell her it's a fake.
  11. no ladies, she doesn't want to buy it, she just wanted to show me this bag, because i never saw this one...
  12. Well she is showing you a fake. No one said she wanted to buy it. Does she own it or is she using it as an example?
  13. ^^ Uh huh, that's a fake alright - that leather is as stiff as a board...even the stiffer 2006 bags shouldn't look that stiff.:Push:
  14. Hey idoes anybody know if the metallic aubergine is 2005 0r 2006? :smile:

  15. Why would she show you this hideous fakie from ebay? It seems that your friend has a lot of knowledge b/t 05 and 06 paddington leathers since she's already noted there's a difference. Then she shows you a fake? It's just very odd that she would do this. Of course you would have never seen this one, because the authentic one does not look anything like the picture... It's good that she's not buying it though, that would be a big mistake.

    FYI, here is a thread noting the difference between 05 and 06 leathers. Hope this answers your question. :smile: