2005 caramel work

  1. I just came home with a 2005 caramel work from a consignment store. The leather seems much more supple than my 2006 city and I love the style. However, the edges are a bit scuffed. Any suggestions for repair or whould I just live with it? Is it typical for the edges to get scuffed???

    I also bought a black purse today. I think I have truly become obsessed or lost my mind.
  2. Where did you get your Purse? I want one so bad but can't decide on a color. I kind of like the cognac but not positive about it. I just love the style.
  3. yes, very typical to have scuffed edgeds from loving use! if not too bad,leave it alone and enjoy! i have about a dozen bals.post pix plse.
  4. I got it at Barneys in Copley Square in Boston. They had another black one in addition to mine. I bought black so I could wear it to work as well as out in the evening as I did tonight. I do love it as you can wear it over your shoulder.
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