2005 Calcaire City on ebay

  1. auction #6889995088
  2. Good price!
  3. Look at the edges on that bag. Why do they fray so easily? I have an ink city that is barely three months old and has been used sparingly and it still is showing signs of wear like the one listed in this thread.:sad:

    Does this bother anyone else? Should I expect it from all my Balenciagas or are some styles less likely than others to do this? I don't think the purse style, for example, is sewn together this way.
  4. I think the calcaire is quite pretty, but it is such high maintenance in terms of keeping clean.
  5. Love the color, but would imagine it'd be hard to keep clean :sad:
  6. i definitely agree! i've never been able to do light color bags. i'd be too worry about getting it dirty. :rolleyes:
  7. my best friend has the calcaire city and it's beautiful....and compared to the white, it's much easier to keep clean. but you still need to be extra careful and definitely appleguard it!
  8. That's the beauty in this bag, I'd never feel guilty for getting it dirty because it wasn't me who did the initial damage. I'd HATE to have a brand new white or calcaire bag and get that inital black scuffing!!
    At the same time, I don't think I'd be able to SPEND that much on a dirty bag. Rock and a hard place.
  9. ^^ sparkle, I agree, I had a Calcaire and it was beautiful and MUCH easier to keep clean than the white.
  10. i crave this color...
  11. mocean, it's really as great as you think it is. truly. if another first ever pops up I'll snag it, hands down.
  12. i know... i wanted it in a work last year and didnt have the dough. i used to go in once a week and carry it around for an hour or so... and sigh.

    :roflmfao: I'm such a dork.
  13. i wanted to add - calcaire is such a lovable and romantic color. the bag looks like it's truly blushing! now i want one!! :biggrin:
  14. someone here needs to win it, and hopefully at the starting price, or somewhere near it.