2005 Bubblegum First, Brand New, Great Price!

  1. oh dear, that's beautiful!! :girlsigh:

    thanks for posting :smile:
  2. You are so welcome justwhisper!:yes: I would totally buy her, but, since school has just started up, there are all those extra costs! So I wanted to share, because I know she could find a loving home with a PF girl!
  3. That is so pretty, if it was a city I would snatch her up. I love the bubblegum color!
  4. OMG, i bet Deana would love this, hope she sees this thread :love:
  5. sold out for years? :lol: It's only been a year.
  6. oh... i want this.....
  7. I bought my pale rose pink purse from the same seller and she's super nice and sweet...one of ebay's best. Because of my wonderful experience buying from her, I got brave buying b-bags via ebay...until recently. But again, the seller is great.
  8. its really pretty, but for some reason in my monitor, the color looks kinda light....
  9. It's pretty but looks wrinkled...a lot of first's I'm seeing look wrinkled? Is that a good or bad thing?
  10. That's what I thought too:yes: ...I thought bubblegum pink was a lot brighter.
  11. It looks like the color might've faded on the front ... maybe due to UV exposure? Or maybe it's just the lighting in the photographs.