2005 Black City

  1. It doesn't look as smoosh as most 05 bags look...

    But still nice.
  2. OMG! I love this! I bought my Black '05 Work from her and it is smoosh!!! I think the bag looks like smoosh! LOL
  3. I keep looking at this bag...:drool:
  4. me too !!
  5. Me too... call me crazy but I feel like some of these bags look smooshy like taffy candy or something. I often want to eat them, especially pastel colors and some blues since they remind me of candy :P .
  6. ^^ OMG, taffy is exactly what they're like :drool:
  7. Barbara at lovinmybags used the term "marsmallow leather" to refer to the leather on my sky blue day bag and I thought that was an apt description.
  8. Ugh. I'm really irritated. I've emailed this seller twice now...asking for larger pics of the ones on ebay...not for new ones, but just larger ones since the ones on ebay are so small.

    No answer. Why can't sellers email you back? And I know she's gotten my messages, because I put in an offer which she counter-offered.

    I'm really annoyed at this point, and I don't think I'm going to go for the bag. I just hate it when sellers can't provide decent customer service.

    **sorry for the rant**
  9. mpark46, I know exactly how you feel!! It's especially frustrating because it's not like you can just go to another store or another salesperson and you probably really want the bag. When sellers don't respond it makes me nervous about the condition or legitimacy of the bag. I noticed that Pfers always respond to e-mails, probably because they have a true appreciation for these bags and have no problem discussing them, sending extra pics, educating others, etc. Well I hope you hear from the seller and I hope you get it (if you want it that is)!

    She Finally got back to me, and here's what she said:

    "All of the pics are on ebay."

    Right. Thanks for the info. I've posted several of her auctions on Achtung...but no more. Her customer service SUCKS! Why do I feel like I'm twisting her arm trying to sell me a freaking bag?

    I know her stuff is authentic...but I've heard iffy things about her shipping and whatnot.

    Is it so wrong to want to see detailed pics? Am I crazy?
  11. ^^ not at all. If she wants serious buyers she should step up her customer service. Paying this much money, I would want to see everything also :smile:
  12. I TOTALLY agree with you! Why is it so difficuly for her to send you more pics? That would piss me off!
  13. Ugh that is not very smart! I'd be discouraged from buying from someone with poor customer service like that! I personally don't even think she has up enough pics to be sure of authenticity...
  14. Yeah...she never responds to eBay messages. When I want a response, I usually send her an email. I suspect that she gets a lot of questions about her bags and has just made it a policy not to respond because she knows her bags are authentic. Crappy customer service...YES. But I overlook it because she has great bags at great prices.

    When it comes to secondhand bags, I'm cheap like that. I'll put up with just about anything to score a bargain. :shame: :shame: :shame: