2005 Black city,- have you seen it?

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  1. I am desperate for a new black city with super 05-leather in good condition. I just missed the one on aff recently and now I can't stop thinking about getting my perfect black city as soon as possible. Have you seen it? :shrugs:
  2. they come up on *bay you just have to be quick!!! good luck!
  3. Sounds gorgeous~good luck!
  4. #4 Aug 11, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
    I am the one who bought it, it was like new really:P sorry:shame: I will keep my eye out for you:yes:
  5. Thank you, ladies! I just haven't seen one in a while on the bay or maybe I'm just too slow:sad: But I'll keep my eyes out though..

    And kat, you are just sooo lucky. I am really jealous right now but congratulations:yes: I am really happy that it went to a tpf'er!! And if you ever have to let it go..:whistle:
  6. You can watch on #bay, but its once in a great moon that something like this comes up, or the other resale/consignment sites....
  7. Thanks! I def. keep keeping my eyes wide open for this beauty!:P
  8. Thanks:smile: I am certain that you will find one very soon:yes:

  9. Thank you kat, for your belief,!! Keep that up, please:P
  10. You see them every other month or so. I just purchased a '05 black shopper and it is TOTALLY worth it to wait for a black bag from that year in that leather. I'm sure you'll score one if you keep looking!

    GL :flowers:
  11. Every other month:graucho: :yahoo:? I've just been with bad bag karma lately then but thank you so much for keeping my hopes up! AND CONGRATULATIONS with your new 05 shopper, it sounds delish,- where have you posted pictures of it? I wanna see:P
  12. I do know one but the price is above retail and I dont know how much U want to pay for a 2005 black city.
    There will always be more people who want this colour of this year.
    It has a good condition.
    I did PM U.
    Good luck and i wil hear from U.
    Greetings and Hugs FX:heart::heart::heart:

  13. ^^Oh thank you. :flowers: It's in a thread titled: "stick a fork in me" in the main b-bag forum. I posted both my new '05 bags. :heart:

    GL with your search!!