2005 balenciaga olive hobo/day $4.99 starting bid

  1. :drool: I wonder what the reserve is? :s
  2. I was wondering the same thing.
  3. ^^ i donno, but i was cracking up reading his opening line:

    "You should know my shop-aholic wife at this stage"

  4. Ha ha...I love listings that give me a laugh, LOL!
  5. hahahaa.. what a funny listing.. and it sounds VERY succinct and manly.
  6. this auction is almost over....
    so tempted to bid
  7. man, her DH is so nice! he buys her the bag & sells it for her to make room for the next obsession. and he's doing such a good job with the description!

    the bag is lovely btw. definitely tempting. but i think i prefer the teal deal. :rochard: