2005 balenciaga calcaire city $599.99 BIN

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Wow!!! that was FAST!!!

    congratulations ohdonna and tnc727
  2. yippy, congrats girls :party:
  3. Thank you to TNC! I love, love, love this bag and I can't wait to get it. Restored or not, its all mine!:yahoo: :love:
  4. Congrats to you both!!!! :yahoo: great price!
  5. congrats, great find...
  6. Congrats, Donna :yahoo: you finally got what you wanted.:yahoo:
  7. awsome DEAL!
  8. oooh congrats to you both!

    you finally got your dream bag donna! i told you waiting was worth it. :smile:
  9. WOW .... great deal :nuts: and very fast !!! CONGRATS Donna and tnc . . . :flowers: :love:
  10. Yay congrats Donna! So glad you finally found your calcaire city! :yahoo:
  11. Congrats Donna!!! I am so glad you found your city!!!
  12. super congratulations!!!! love the calcaire city!!! super pretty. i always think its sort of a blushing city bag.. so feminine!! enjoy!!
  13. Oh my god Donna, you got your wish!!! CONGRATS!!!
  14. Thank you girls! You have no idea how excited I was this morning! I am usually always 2 seconds too late for good eBay purchases. God I'm so glad I didnt sleep in this morning! (I'm on vacation this week) This bag has been loved a lot and restored and she will be all mine soon! Yay for me!
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