2005 Balenciaga Black City

  1. My sis is looking for a smooth leather in perfect like new condition 2005 black city. anyone know of where i can find this? tia:flowers:
  2. eBay is the only place to buy this bag......

    well- and AFF and RDC too :yes:
  3. what's RDC?
  4. RDC - Real Deal Collection
    (consignment store run by beloved fellow TPFer) :nuts:
  5. Thanks! I need to find one soon since her bday is coming up.
  6. i looked everywhere on eBay, aff and rdc and i can't seem to find this. i know my sis wants this for her bday. please please help me!! :heart:
  7. Apart from the sites you already searched I think it's just a waiting game.

    Please remember there is no buying or selling on tPF.
  8. your best bet is eBay...i saw a a few that ended within last month...one is bound to pop up soon. good luck~
  9. thanks! i actually saw one pop up today. hopefully i will win it :p
  10. theres one on today as you said and i think i saw an 04 as well a couple of days ago
  11. ohh! i wonder if it's the same one i'm watching..it will probably end high huh? haha
  12. the only thing is that her pics are so small so i'm not sure how the leather is. i know 05 is a good year but i don't really like the veiny look. i'm a big fan of the smooth leathers. and yes, i think it might end high because it's only the 6th day and it's already at 500!
  13. The 05 black city was what made me fall in love with Bal. It's leather is awesome. Good luck finding it on eBay!
  14. for a o5 black city I think you'll end up paying over retail :girlsigh:unfortunately o5 leather is very sought after.

    have you considered buying an o7 or o8? all my bbags are o7 and the leather is amazinging on all of them.
  15. yes, i am actually looking into 07 black.....how does it compare to the 05?