2005 balenciaga apple green first $899 starting bid

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  1. I second that!! :yes:
  2. That is soooo cute!
  3. i LOVE that!!!!:love:
  4. wow, good price too!
  5. wow.. it looks almost perfect
  6. wow this eBayer has been selling off the BEST b-bags!!! hehehe!
  7. ^ seriously! And with all those 05 turquoises she sold (Classique, City, Work, and now listing the Twiggy), I won't be surprise if she would list an Apple Green city next! :nuts:

    edit: I'm not saying that she is! Or that she even own one! Gosh... but can you image if she has a flurry of other apple greens up her sleeves? :jammin:
  8. Oh man ... my heart skipped a beat for a minute there when I saw "Apple Green", but then slowed down when I saw the "First" (I already have it).

    It's totally killing me that I can't look at these auctions, but on the other hand, my wallet is happy (well ... then again ... it COULD have a few more $$$ in it!).
  9. Very Very pretty pictures and the bag is just lovely!
  10. yummy apple green!!! :heart: :nuts:
  11. oh....its so pretty.....
  12. I'm still a bit in love with this color...I think it was the one that first made me take notice of Balenciagas...
  13. is anyone gonna bid? i am tempted... but maybe i should wait for spring 07 grass green.... hm.....
    has anyone ever bought from her?
  14. Wow, she has Turqoise too! I need my shades for all the bright colors

    Me_love_purse--You should go for it!