2005 2.55 was almost mine!

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  1. So I was at Seattle Nordstrom today looking at there current stock & to see if there was anything left on sale (of course nothing!)
    And I tell the SA how I wish I got the 2005 2.55 and he says that he thought he saw one in the back and he will check for me. Well, my eyes lit up when he popped out with a beautiful black medium lambskin with gold chain. I touched it, I opened it and saw the beautiful burgundy lining that was a tribute to Coco's days at the orphanage.
    I said just ring it up before I die. But then upon closer look we noticed that the authentication card was missing so it must have been a return. At that point I was fine with that but he said the Chanel policy is that they cannot sell any bags w/o the authentication card. I asked what will happened to this little beauty and he said it will go back to Chanel to be burned. I am so sad to see this bag have such a sad ending when it could have had a wonderful home with me. Maybe someday...
  2. Ermm.... the authenticity card isn't that important, I dont know why he couldnt sell it to you. This just doesnt sound right (not doubting you, more so the SA).

    I remember some ladies getting bags without the authenticity card from the Cambon sale awhile back.

    If possible, I would confirm his statement with Chanel. I would hate for you to miss out on that bag!
  3. Smooth bought a Bag w/o an authenticity card before. . . weird indeed!
  4. Wonder if the SA was keeping the bag for someone else, or maybe was misinformed. Either way, that sucks.
  5. Maybe you can call (or go back) and ask to speak to someone else? Someone who will sell you the bag? It does sound odd.
  6. Ohhh, I hope you can still get this bag! Do call and see if you can buy it from another SA perhaps? Good luck!!!!!
  7. Yes, I got a white diamond stitch tote from the Chanel at Nordstrom Seattle and it didn't come with an authenticity card. When I asked the manager about it she offered to give me an "extra" authenticity card they had just lying around (of course the numbers wouldn't match).:confused1:

    I also just bought a white reissue phone case from Neiman Marcus and the authenticity card was missing (yet to be found).:shrugs:
  8. How sad :sad: ... i realy wish you to get one soon ... :shame:
  9. In that case, something is very fishy with this SA that 255medina was speaking to...
  10. Thank you everyone for the support! I am so glad to join this group of people who understand my sadness (my husband just doesn't understand how much it affects me) However, I don't think the SA was keeping it for himself or anything because he looked so proud of himself when he found it it in the back for me. He is fairly new there so he may be too by the books. I will have have to follow your suggestions and check with Chanel & the manager. You guys have been a great help!
  11. You might want to speak to denise whos the manager there or to cecilia, she was very helpful the last time I spoke to her! and very very patient
  12. another vote for cecilia.... i adore her....