2005 2.55 reissue - experts/collectors comments?

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  1. Thanks anyone in advance for feedback.

    I just purchased a white 2.55 2005 reissue. I ordered it without seeing it IRL and by checking out the photos in the reference library.

    I feel lucky to have found it (I was trying to find a black 2006) but the color white seems very white to me?

    Did anyone else feel this way? (I think the 2006 had a tad more color to it?) Is it valued as collectible because of the inside stamp (which is cool actually)?
  2. Congrats on such a find. I was told it is not available anymore. Can u tell me where did u order this from? I am trying to look for a different color.

    I think the white of 2005 is really beautiful but too delicate to me. It seemed like it is easy to rub colors onto it. I was too chicken to get this color, but if u r a careful person, i guess it is not a big problem.

    Again congrats!!
  3. The 2006 is actually called "dark white," which is more of a cream/ivory color. The 2005, on the other hand, is "white," but it has gray undertones. They're 2 different colors. Hope that helps & congrats on the bag!

  4. I just got 1 too from the Saks store in NYC couple of weeks ago. It is a gray with the stamp of 2005. I couldn't believe it.

    try to ask around.

    Good luck.
  5. there is one on eBay at the moment too

    it's so stunning...
  6. I was trying to track down a dark silver reissue (well now I have my name down for the fall ones) and the SA said we have a white - I assumed it was the 2006. It came from NM San Antonio - and I have no idea how it showed up there. Return? Seems like it was just random.

    I don't like the white white (reminds me of white out or the tips on a french manicure lol) but because it is special I feel forced to keep it :smile: My daughter 16 tried it on with an all black oufit and it looked good with that . . . Most of the whites in my wardrobe are have more beige in them but maybe I am just being to picky . . .

  7. congrats! i love both the whites on the reissue. a white chanel bag is a must-have for any collection!
  8. handbagdreamer: oh I completely agree with you...I also prefer the creamwhite vs. graywhite! when I had a chance to pick btwn 2 white caviars (side-by-side) I completely hated the white-white and LOVED the creamy white. anyways well keep it if you like it but I don't know about being a collector item because do consider the white may yellow over time and as a collector's item I personally don't think white is the color.
  9. I love my white 2005 2.55. I bought all colors to decide and loved the white the most.
  10. hey, i have a white 05 reissue...it's very delicate and i haven't worn it much cos i'm afraid to get it dirty! mine has lavender undertones so in some lights it looks like a very pale purple :smile:

    i should use it more often! :yes: