2005 2.55 black reissue 228 GH, how much should i offer?

Sep 22, 2006
yes, this such rare beauty new w/ tag on suddenly showed up in one consignment store. but the asking price, ouch!!! but the seller willing to negotiate. gosh, i just cant decide how much i should offer. dont want to be too soft yet dont want my offer to be rejected.

any advice/suggestion?

btw, does anyone have a picture carrying a 228? i am 5'5 120 wonder if it'll look good on me?
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Dec 7, 2006
I would offer around $3,600.
228 are indeed hard to come by, and the current retail price is about $3,400 Canadian Dollars.
Since you said it's new with tag, I figured that that's how much I would offer taking into consideration the taxes as well. :idea:
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