2004 Turquoise TWIGGY... bidding starting real low, BIN coming soon

  1. i want a twiggy (the only small balenciaga motorcycle that suits me).......... city bags don't work for me.. and work/weekenders in bright colours are so hard to come by...

    what to do? what to do?
  2. Any idea what the BIN will be?
  3. dunno... probably high, since she's getting alot of interest at the moment.. and it's a pretty clean bag, can see some scuffs/dust at the corners though..

    the last time a turquoise 2004 was up.. many people didn't really like it ebcause it's like a compromise between a seafoam 04 and a turq 05.. and these lighter pale greens tend to yellow... so that's why alot of girls prfer the other colours... =)

    but i'm just needing a twiggy in the green shade... if i get this, i'd have to let my apple green city go... my sister's already rooting for me, cuz she's eyeing my apple green city.. ahahah..
  4. There is a turquoise featured in next spring's colour list. Also the grass green and water green.
  5. Can't wait to see it.. but it's all about the leather for me.
  6. goodluck waterfalls..i hope you get this bag at a decent price...:heart:
  7. thanks N... =) I missed ya!!! haven't been online at the same time as you in a long time.. =)
  8. i missed yah too! this bag is so gorgeous and i hope and wish that you win the auction :heart: :smile:
  9. So pretty! Good luck to all the people that want it!
  10. It's gorgeous, good luck waterfalls!
  11. Thanks for the support!! here's to a few more days of anticipation.. hehe
  12. My 8yo daughter hugged my Turquoise '04 twiggy when she saw it for the first time today...the color is just .... sublime. :love:
  13. that is tooooooooo cute fiat :love:
  14. Wow, this went for a lot! $1524!