2004 Turquoise City

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  1. I found one, aahhhh!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    That is all :shame: :P
  2. Good for you! What a way to begin the week!
  3. Where did you find it?? Way to go!
  4. AWSOME find!! Congrats! Where did ya find it?
  5. Woo hoo~~~ congrats!!!! When do you get her? Post pics when she comes!!!
  6. Another PF member :nuts: I mailed payment today, hopefully I'll have the bag by the end of the week! It's not apple green, but it's a color on my want list and it's a city! :love:
  7. Yay!!! Congrats, you go girl!!
  8. That's great news! Congrats!
  9. YAY! In my humble opinion - this bag is a million times better than apple green :love: you'll love it!
  10. Thanks! :nuts:

    MiMi - From the pictures, it looks like it will be right up there with apple green! :love:

    Now I just need to sell my classique :shame: I will miss it, but I know I will get so much more use out of the larger size of the city.
  11. Congrats! I think the turq. is such a great color!
  12. cristina
    congrats on your find!!!!!!
  13. OH GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats Cristina!!!! This will sure heal the sorrow from the lost apple green city (if not, let me know through PM [​IMG])
  14. Congrats! Post pictures ASAP!
  15. Congrats! Turquoise is a gorgeous color. Can't wait for the pictures when you get it!
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