2004 Turquoise bag up again....

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  1. oh my gosh, where is she? she can't miss it again!!!!
  2. no. this is fake. look at how the straps are packaged.
  3. i used the BIN before on this bag, and she was totally unreasonable about the entire thing. my ebay and paypal address matched up, but my paypal wasnt confirmed and she wanted western union instead...im not using wu, there is no protection. so she sends me an email saying shes going to relist it without giving me a :censor: chance!!!!!

    god, shes the most inpatience unreasonable seller on ebay.
  4. huh fake? what packaged? the only thing that is in the plastic are the extra tassels:blink:
  5. OMG!!! I am so sorry to hear that!:cry: :cry:
  6. oh i thought this eBay was a great eBayer... i guess i was wrong... she seemed quite friendly when i emailed her ages ago about a chanel bag... :-\ oh well
  7. oh god no she isnt. lindesy -fashion junky, emailed me as soon as she saw i won it and wanted to know if she could buy it in case i changed my mind, so i emailed the seller and she sent me back this nasty email and so i forwarded it to fashion junky and then told the seller id just use paypal to pay for it and then sell it to fashion junky and so then she started to get nasty with the entire thing and told me she was just going to relist it..wtf? seriously. im staying away from her, talk about rude.
  8. I think the seller is very nice - maybe she just had a bad experience, it's understandable - since Ebay is an 'every man for himself' game.
  9. I noticed this in the new listing:

    (I relist it because the winner promised to pay THREE times, but NEVER did.)

    Obviously that's a lie since it wasn't a matter of flaking out and not paying, but not accepting a questionable form of payment you weren't planning to use. I wouldn't have agreed to do western union either and don't even bid those auction that only have that form unless I'm completely famliar with the seller. Even if you did promise 3 times, wouldn't you have more than one day to pay for it anyway? Sorry to hear that didn't work out.
  10. maybe the seller was just being paranoid and overreacted. buyers aren't the only ones that get scammed, and maybe she was burnt once.

    still, i don't see how your wanting to sell it to someone else would affect her. as long as she gets paid for her item, it shouldn't really matter to her what happens after that??
  11. yeah I can even post the string of emails i sent to her and she sent back to me, i even forwarded fashion junky one of them!!! god, how dare she lie and say that. she kept insisting i confirm my damn paypal..what the hell is the big deal with it being confirmed anyways? ughhhh i mean im not going to send money via WU, theres no well in hell..they said outright they will NOT cover if anything goes wrong and the funds cannot be recovered what so ever. i hope no one buys it from her, maybe she will learn her lesson.
  12. ^ well, if a seller sends an item to an unconfirmed address/account and the buyer files a dispute, the seller is not protected. It's a big deal, so I can totally understand (especially being overseas) why she insists on shipping to a confirmed address/account.
  13. i've heard this too ^. some sellers will clearly state in their auctions that they will only ship to confirmed addresses. is there any way fashionjunky can buy the bag from her then?
  14. gosh I think she's a great seller! Sending to confirmed addresses is a very big deal otherwise you risk chargebacks. I don't blame her one bit and don't feel it's fair to slam her or consider her unreasonable because she's protecting herself. She has thousands of positive feedback,is a poupette and has a reputation to live up to. how many feedbacks do you have on ebay? i'm sure if you had tons she would have been more leanient.