2004 Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter Colors Montage

  1. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]

    FYI there was also a grey for Spring/Summer '04

    :yahoo: Enjoy! :yahoo:
  3. Wow... these are total EYE CANDIES!!! :nuts: If only we can go back to the past...
  4. Yummy pics!!!

    Here's Spring Summer '04 Grey pics...



  5. Thanks for posting the grey Incoralblue!
  6. wow...my favourite is still the eggplant and the marigold yellow color, they are my wishlist...currently, i do have a 04 turquoise WE and a 04 Khaki flat clutch.....ehehhehe
  7. Great thread...thanks for posting this 04 montage....:smile:
  8. WOW!!! They need to redo all the colors of 04!
  9. this thread is both gorgeous and depressing - what happened to all of those lush leathers and drool worthy colors? why wasn't a b-bag in my life 3 years ago :crybaby:
  10. gorgeous! What a fantastic year.
  11. 2004 was definitely the best year for balenciaga colors. Even though my favorite is magenta, which is from 2005, I can't help but look at some of these colors longingly. SO BEAUTIFUL!
  12. cutie!!! thank u so much :love:
  13. I loved the pics!! 04 definately ruled both in colours an leather.
  14. My lord I can't stop staring at the olive green twiggy. Its AMAZING (and I love green anyway).

    I can't wait for my 04 black city to arrive!! (first b bag that I've won from that SSN).
  15. Dark Turq looks like french blue!!