2004 s/s white purse w/ silver hware

  1. Has anyone noticed her prices have gone up considerably in recent weeks from what she used to ask? I mean, she had a BIN of $1,299 on a PERFECT '04 Lilac City just two months ago.

    It's too bad ... she seems to have figured out the Bbag fever that exists among us crazy collectors. ;)
  2. Well at least that one has handles that don't look soaked in motor oil unlike most of hers.:P
  3. OMG ... another rare beauty :nuts: !!! I MUST resist now . . . omg omg - I wanted to wait for the new '07-colors - but now ..... I'm tempted :shame: :hysteric: !

    Thank you anyway for posting 'N' ;) :flowers:
  4. damn, I didnt need to see this one. Even if I make an offer she wont accept it.
  5. I think this is the first bbag from this seller that doesnt have disgusting handles lol, and its white which is even more surprising! This is a beautiful bag...
  6. i want it.

  7. YEAHHH :yahoo: ... good luck donna - go for it :flowers: :yes:
  8. I can NEVER see her auctions!!! EVER!! Just the thumbnails. It's SO annoying!!
  9. Go Donna! Go Donna! Go Donna!
  10. youre not helping! I swore I just wanted recent bags and no older ones. See what you guys did!
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