2004 Rose City!!

  1. That is so pretty! I wish I could print real money.
  2. ^^^YES!!:nuts: me too!!!:roflmfao:

    Good luck with your sale, amour!!
  3. It's mine !!!! My first Bbag!!! Now I have to work out how to pay for it - Amour only takes transfers.
  4. Congrats!!

    You've got a GREAT firs bbag!
  5. Congrats! Good price for a gorgeous bag!
  6. omg I am glad that a PFer got this bag...:nuts:

    Fah...it's a gorgeous bag and I am sure you'll truly love it!!!:yahoo: :heart:
  7. o0o0o pretty! congrats on a quick sale amour!
  8. thank you all ladies for your sweet words...:yes: :love:

    mocean sweetie..i miss u!!!;)
  9. Absolutely gorgeous color, congrats!
  10. I think this is next on my list of conquests! Beautiful beautiful!!!!:yahoo: Hope you don't mind me posting the pic for you! Everyone needs to seeeee!!!!
  11. Congrats, fah on winning that fabulous bag it's TDF! COngrats on your speedy sale Amour!!!!