2004 Pewter Classique: $1099 BIN or OBO

  1. It's gorgeous! I was just goint to post it :yes:
  2. I think lvlady should really consider changing her eBay id. She has as many Bbags up for auction at times as she does LV.:nuts:
  3. ^^
    heehee... says fendihunter. :p (just teasing!)
  4. I know, I know...I'm the pot calling the kettle black.;)
  5. LMAO! :roflmfao:
    But fendihunter... resistance is futile, no? ;):graucho:
  6. ABSOLUTELY FUTILE!!! Just look inside my closet and you'll find a lone Fendi dustbag nestled among MANY Balenciaga ones.:p I'll remedy that soon though.

    :back2topic: I'm not into the pewter too much, but I am starting to like the metallics in general. Perhaps an 05 pink metallic would be nice???:rolleyes:
  7. There's a pink metallic first on eBay right now. BUT I am not 100% sure re: authencity. Really looks good though:graucho:
  8. It's fake! Stay away!!
  9. ^^^Wait, which pink metallic? there are 2 and one is a horrible fake :yucky: and one looks good?!!
  10. You're right. The First pink metallic is authentic. The City is fake. I jumped the gun thinking about the City, even though Pyrexia was talking about the First.
  11. Yup, I was talking about the first. I didn't see the city, so I think that one already got pulled:p
  12. Unfortunately, it's still up, and it has a long, torturous narrative about authenticty and having been bought at NM!!!! :cursing: :cursing:
  13. ^^^I was thinking it's the First that looked good!!!:yes:

    grrrrrr, :mad: these :censor: scammer sellers are HORRIBLE!!!
  14. pewter first!!! looks great.