2004 Orange?

  1. Does anyone have one? I think there's a picture of Cindy Crawford with one on the celebrity page. For some reason the swatch on atelier.naff has me obsessed with the color and wanting one! lol I was just wondering if anyone has one or has pictures of one so I can decide if it's worth saving up money to find! :graucho:
  2. I'm on the hunt for one as well. I LOVE orange. It's one of my favorite colors. I think I remember seeing someones avatar on here with all of their b-bags and one was orange.
  3. Ive never seen one, but I'm sure it is just gorgeous. Good luck finding one!
  4. Uh oh.... good luck jennifer!!! hhahaha :smile:
  5. oh man me too! i want an orange too. I love that color. they seem to be rare, i've yet to see a real one on ebay.
  6. i think surferchick has it!!!! I love that color:love:
  7. there havent been many orange bbags to pass through ebay. i can recall 2 i think within the last year or so... (a city and a classique)
  8. that doesn't bode well for the price, when one pops up.
  9. actually... the high prices are a new thing. i'm pretty sure they went for somewhere around retail.
  10. haha I bet there would be a bidding war among this board just for an 04 orange
  11. or because of this board...
  12. mocean, do you think the price hike, is because of this board?
  13. I think we have the power to make the prices come down if we don't grossly overpay. It does seem like PFers are buying all the bbags on ebay. Last month the PF had the marketplace and didn't have all the subcategories for bags....now, we have the balenciaga forum and the major avenue for bbag buying is ebay. We have become a lot more focused and ebay savvy in a very short amount of time. I just bought a used weekender for 1000 which is a lot for me. but it was still 400 under retail at least. But I couldn't bring myself to pay double retail for a used bag, and maybe if we hold off from buying at those kind of prices, the prices will come down. Supply is low, but I seem to see at least five great bags on ebay a day, which means supply may be higher than we think (of course, this is just advice for those of us who want the prices to come down...for those of us for whom money is not an issue, buy whatever you want:P )
  14. not just because of it. but the majority of the competing bidders for authentic "rare" bags are all PF members... *shrugs* i'mslowly trying come up with data regarding the supply of balenciagas on eBay. but its slow coming. i seriously think that girls overreact about a "rare" color and bid higher than it is worth (or what its resale value will be in a month or two) creating "balenciaga bubble" that will pop one of these days. IMO the reason the old colors are going for more is because the current leather and colors arent all the great- resulting in this i-must-have-good-leather syndrome which spurs this bubble. but i'm not sure that after quality control is evened out that the bags will be worth the price paid for them during this hysteria.

    ETA: this should be a thread- i apologize for taking over your thread jdy! if i hear about an orange i will PM you!
  15. it's a testiment to this board and the members here, that everyone is so kind and thoughtful, even though we are all competing for the same thing. i know most of us would or already have stepped aside to fulfill the bag dreams of another person. so high prices or not, props to us.