2004 Orange Classique

  1. Not an orange girl but this one is so great for Fall (or any time really!). And I don't see orange Balenciagas usually. Good luck gals!
  2. Pretty. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks guys! It really is a perfect year round color, though I think most Balenciagas are lol. I just revised the auction so hopefully one of you girls will want to take her home!
  4. I normally don't like orange either, but this one's TDF! Very pumpkin orange, which makes all the difference. Yumm!
  5. ^ hahah speaking of pumpkin....this weekend I took a "Halloween" photos of the two babies....There's nothing about it that's really Halloween, but I just thought it was cute lol!
  6. ^OMG eekkkkkkk! They are tdf!!! Especially together!!! :nuts:

    *crosses fingers* please please let me win the lottery .... I think I found a new dreambag!!!

    I've never been an orange-type of gal but..... MY GOD is that colour pretty with silver hardware :nuts::love:

    Hope a PFer gets this :yahoo: Good luck with your sale!!!!
  7. Ahh I :heart: those pics Jdy! Those bags are so cute together.