2004 Metallic Magenta City vs getting a new 06 Rouge Vif

  1. Hi girls!!

    i'm in a serious dilemma.. I'm actually thinking of finding a new home for my metallic magenta city to fund a purchase of a Rouge Work 06.. I'm still loooooking for magenta/apple green works but it seems futile!!

    I'm not a city bag girl anymore and this magenta is not getting as much use as it deserves....

    should i let it go?? (but it's the soft 2004 metallic leather........ =( ..)

    and it's prettttyy...


    p/s: i had a 05 rouge city before but sold it beause it was too small.. i miss it...

    Thank you!!
  2. Oooooooohh! It's SO pretty! Tough decision, but if you're not using it then maybe it's better to sell it and save up for the red work.
  3. I'd sell it and get the 06 rouge work! :amuse:
  4. hmmmm. the metallic is rare and hard to find, but if you're not using it, you're better off with the red work!
  5. Agree! Dang, she's such a beautiful bag! But if you're not using her then sell.
  6. hey waterfalls if your magenta is not getting a work out then... yes... sadly it might be time to let it go and get your NEW 06 Rouge WORK!!! Think about it for afew more days and see how you feel... good luck!!!
  7. I agree with the sentiments that you should sell her and get a red Work. Aww pity you sold your 05 rouge City. I love that colour! As much as I like the 06 rouge (from pics I've seen), I simply adore the 05 berry red!
  8. yeppers, i agree w/jennifer, you should go for the red work :smile:
  9. waterfalls, you don't really like the city style and prefer the work. there's no sense keeping this one if you aren't using it. i say sell it and get the new rouge in work. there's been lots of talk about the new rouge having thick, soft, gorgeous leather.:love:
  10. waterfalls--your Metallic Magenta is sooo pretty! But, I agree with the other ladies here, if you aren't using it, I would definitely get the 06 Rouge. Plus, like esile said, the new Rouge leather has been reported as having consistently thick, soft, gorgeous leather. :smile:
  11. thanks girls for your input!!

    but i'm still undecided!! hehe... supposed to be culling my b bag collection for chanel/fendi/goyard.. but it seems like I keep buying more b bags!! hehehe..

    and I KNOW that i will miss this metallic if i sell it.. just like when i didn't use my rouge city much and sold it... and now i miss it.. hahah

    i'm horrible.... =(
  12. gosh, i know it must be such a hard decision waterfalls-girl!!!...i completely understand your hesitation to let the metallic magenta go :sad: ...it's such a rare & gorgeous color, but if she's not going to good use & the style isn't for you, then i would say you should find a wonderful, new home for her :flowers:
  13. I agree with everyone that you should let it go if you don't use it. And the new red is such a beautiful colour!!