2004 Marron Twiggy....

  1. The marron looks like such an attractive color...i really like it.And I agree..it's in really good condition.:yes:
  2. My personal opinion is this is a pretty reasonable price for the condition and color
  3. ^agreed! and in such good condition too...
  4. The opening or the BIN is good?
  5. gals, i've gotta agree w/tin that the price is a bit high :girlsigh:...but then again, i'm just a girl who won't pay above retail value for a used bag, pristine or not ;)...if i'm gonna pay over $1300 for a bag, it's gotta be brand-spanking new...and many of us girls can't even get back what we paid for our brand new b-bags :shrugs:...but i guess it all boils down to supply & demand :rolleyes:

    p.s. it's a gorgeous color for whoever can afford it!!!
  6. mmm... 04 twiggys in mint condition have been going for around 1299 and up for the last year or so, with a few deals thrown in here and there. But the knowledgable sellers price them around what this one is going for... and 04s seems to hold onto a good resale value
  7. i don't even like twiggys and am considering this bag (though i will likely pass). the condition is great -- most of the marron ones listed lately have not been in mint condition. i truly think this is one of the best colors and the best leathers balenciaga ever made.

    tln -- are you thinking of getting it? but you don't like twiggys either?? sucks that all the marrons lately have been twiggys or weekenders.
  8. I am seriously considering it. I have asked for additional photos. My only experience with the Twiggy was the Rouge from '05. I think the Twiggy would look beautiful in this color.

    Has it been your experience that the color makes a difference regarding different shapes?
  9. I like bright colors in the twiggy best! but I did see a goooooorgeous white twiggy the other day on this girl that looked amazing.

    I have the 04 marron in the city size, and for me- I'd want it in the city or work size. the leather is so incredible... I'd want as much of it as possible! I should add that the twiggy isnt my fave style- so I'm biased.
  10. Tami -- I would definitely get it in a bigger size (yes, even me). I like my firsts to be bags that I can use for going out (so brighter colors or black) and I see Marron as more of a day bag because of the color.

    You think you can learn to like the twiggy?
  11. I think I could love this Twiggy. I couldn't do a Weekender. It does matter to me what shape the bag is in, and this seems to be in excellent condition. I'm going to think on it.
  12. I think the BIN price as well as the opening bid is very very very fair. 2004 and earlier bags are really hard to come by - so honestly, the value only continues to go up as it gets older and older (and more rare). So to find any older bags in excellent/good condition is amazing, since the majority of these bags have been VERY well worn (who could resist wearing them to the ground?) --- it's really a nice treat to have a 2004 or earlier bag in beautiful condition, and definitely an investment piece (that you can wear and love for many years and that will always retain it's value, and more than likely increase!)
  13. yeppers, i understand your point mimz, afterall, beauty's in the eye of the beholder :tender:...and we're all willing to spring for things that are meaningful to us ;)...i guess in a way, buying older, rare b-bags for you gals, is like buying vintage jewelry for me...the older, rarer & better the condition it's in, the more valuable it becomes :love:
  14. ^ aaallabama, I'm into vintage and anitque jewelry too. I can definitely see a similarity of collecting the rare ones of either. It's a beautiful bag.