2004 Marron City! SB $499!!!

  1. yes but i ask for a pic from the bales like 2 days ago and no reponse....
  2. It looks totally authentic, just too bad it's so worn. :sad:
  3. yea, it's worn alright.....the piping clearly shows in the fifth picture!
    it's pretty though.
  4. it looks very used....
  5. Hey, what do you guys think is a fair price for this bag ? I am looking for a bag that I can carry everyday and not be afraid of banging it up. What about some of you that have bought used bags. Does the wear and tear bother you? I don't think I'll have a problem but my other BBag is a 05 bordeaux first and it was in GREAT condition when I bought it. I usually just carry it on the weekend and I'm pretty careful with it. But I really want a dark bag I can use and not worry about it.
  6. Hi girls,

    Be careful on this one. I bid on it a while back when it was listed, was the 2nd highest bidder and lost. I was later contacted by the seller asking if I was still interested as the winner had "buyer's remorse". The winner then contacted me to see if I was interested, but in the interests of full disclosure, sent me umpteen close up photos of the bag. It was in FAR worse condition then originally disclosed (the photo of the ripped corner was NOT included for example in the original listing). The lining is ripped, the tassles glued together (one on top of the other!!), there are nicks/pen marks on the leather etc. etc. - it was not pretty. I almost died when I saw the photos. I still have them if anyone wants to see them - you will be shocked! I was so grateful not to have won this bag and so sorry for the distraught buyer who was the nicest girl ever - i mean she didn't have to tell me the truth and could just have palmed the bag off to me - i would have bought it and not known any better until i received it. I tried to help her out by emailing the seller (very politely) and saying that after seeing the photos, I thought the bag was unfairly represented as well. She wrote me back an evil email saying that if i was going to side with the buyer she would ban me from all her auctions. She also accused the buyer of ripping up the bag herself!!

    I hope I am not overstepping any lines here by telling this story, but I told myself that if the bag ever came up on auction again and she was not more honest with her photos and disclosure I'd let the girls here know at least to avoid the heartbreak that comes after... If you check her feedback on toolhaus.org, you will see that quite a few of her negative feedback are around misrepresentation of items.

    Final words: it IS authentic, just bid with the TRUE condition in mind...
  7. ^
    THANK YOU! I was still undecided on whether I was going to bid on it or not. I'm sooo glad you told all you know....I sent a e-mail to the seller asking some questions and she offered a BIN of $750!!!!!!! What a rip-off!!! I'm so glad I waited....:yes:
  8. yes thank you for let us know,:sweatdrop: , she just sent me a pics from the front and has some kind of blue pen, like spots! i don't think is worth this kind of money..is really beaten up.
  9. Did any one here get this bag?
  10. Skim, you did the right thing IMO! There is NO excuse for a seller not disclosing all info and I have no tolerence for it.