2004 Marron City on ebay!

  1. nhelle. ur new avatar make me drooling :P
  2. Yes Nhelle! Your avatar is like a colourful wave from the Balenciaga sea :girlsigh: lol?! Don't think that made sense but ya know what I mean!
    Oh and this marron city is gorgeous!:love:
  3. Thank you 'N' for posting this beautiful '04 marron city :flowers: - it's gorgeous :yahoo: !

    Me too -- would like to see your avatar-pic in bigger size PLEASE :nuts:
  4. If I hadn't gotten my twiggy, I would be all over this. I have now heard from numerous people that '04 marron leather is perhaps the best out there. I think the color is amazing too. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.

    amazing leather + beautiful color = must buy (in my book)
  5. It's such a great color, and the leather rocks.
  6. This bag seriously makes my mouth water! (hehe). I have also heard from friends who own the marron that it is the best leather (and these friends have a lot of lovely bbags to compare!) -- you can just tell it is amazing! I think it is because of the natural colored dye, it really allows the leather to stay incredibly silky... mmmm look at that leaaather!!!!!!!
  7. Gorgeous!!!!! Chigirl I think you should get this one and sell your twiggy! Isn't this one your dream bag????
  8. Just received this exact bag, and the leather is beyond anything I have seen! So soft and spongey. Chigirl, I agree that you might want to consider this. This bag far exceeds every expectation I had for it. The color is beautiful and the leather is phenominal!

    The bag is gorgeous and has more depth than photos suggest! Great price so far, and I'll be interested to see how high this goes.
  9. I can't get ebay here at work. I want this bag. Is there a BIN and what is the starting bid? thanks, Loren
  10. ^ no BIN, starting bid is $1199. Maybe contact the seller through Ebay though if you want to make an offer? Goodluck!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. wow, this one is a beauty! the leather looks absolutely amazing. too bag i'm BROKE! =(
  12. this is so pretty, love the leather! i hope a PFer gets it!
  13. gooooorgeous! this color has the best leather... ever. :yes:
  14. this auction is ending soon. someone really should grab this bag! i keep hearing that '04 marron is the best leather out there. the color is amazing too.