2004 Marigold, so cute.....

  1. I so want this one too, Balenciagas are addicting!!! :hysteric:
  2. What a cool color. Someone should get this...I wish it was a first!
  3. Oo, it's in mint condition too! :love:
  4. ahhh, how adorable!
    good luck on your sale, rocco!
  5. wow! could this be my first ebay purchase?!
    it looks so cool:heart::heart:
  6. This color is just amazing. This bag really is adorable.
  7. One of the PF was looking for this. A group of friends was going to club together and get their friend this bag (she had been looking forever for it). Theirs a post looking for Mustard or margold.
  8. ohh what an interesting color, i cant tell if im attracted or not?? hmmm. someone snatch it up! great price!
  9. It is cute and the color is so vivid. Nice bag!
  10. Thanks guys aw shucks. It is a very gorgeous color. Is it my imagination or was '04 the best year EVER???
  11. It's so cute!!! :yes: