2004 Lilac Mini

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  1. Hi There

    Any idea what a reasonable price for this bag woud be? Is this color still highly sought after.

    I am not the seller. Seller has original receipts, control cards and tassels.

    Thanks Girls..:flowers: :flowers:
    Mini_Lilac_04 (1).JPG Mini_Lilac_04 (3).JPG
  2. OMG, i wish that bag was in City size. Gorgeous color! That color is definitely a sought after one. I have been looking for a City style in this color for ever. Good luck!:drool:
  3. Yeah I wish it was a city too. But I have read on other threads that this bag is rather small. But I love the color.

    If only......:smile:
  4. I had one that I sold on eBay a couple months ago for $450. Hope that helps ;)
  5. Hey Jdy, was yours used or in mint condition? :love:
  6. The auction is still up :love: Gently used, but good condition I would say. # 180019787724
  7. 44_1.JPG.jpg
  8. Even in sought after colors, they don't seem to go for very much...$400-$600 range I think.
  9. Oh your lil black mini is so cute bama! hee. Very nice indeed! :love: