2004 Lilac First!

  1. ouch at that price! Beautiful bag though...it looks like 04 rose in those pics, must be the lighting.
  2. I know, it seems that opening bids and BINs are out of control these days! In this case though it seems the seller is only trying to recover what she spent...
  3. wow, pretty!!
  4. Very pretty!
  5. Having actually seen this bag in person, I want to tell you guys how beautiful it is! It's simply stunning and most definitely in near new condition. I never used it and sold it to recover money for a city. The current seller is selling it because she actually GOT the city! hahahha She really is wonderful, I can't say enough good things about the seller AND the bag!!!
  6. Is the 04 lilac considered a very collectible color?
  7. Yes, the '04 lilac is one of the most sought after colors and tends to go for very high prices on Ebay. I think an '04 Lilac city went for over $2000 once!