2004 Heart Cadena

  1. ...are you guys still seeing these at your H boutiques? Of course, I'm late to the party and must have one now. It's the year of my DD's birth. :smile:

    How much do these run?

    Thanks, ladies!
  2. Yep- I saw a couple in Chicago I think.
  3. Do you know how much it was Japster!?
  4. I got one in SF Hermes last month. I believe it was $235
  5. Queenie! Are you reading this?! :wlae: (Miss Queenie is searching for one too)
  6. I bought mine on e-bay recently....it's residing on my new bolide and very happy! You NEED one GT!
  7. A bit off topic, but does anyone know what the 1992 and 2001 cadenas were?
  8. Thanks, guys! The one on eBay is on my watch list.

    2001 is thick H with a globe in the center. This is my DS's birth year and I want this one, too. Very hard to find but one on eBay right now.
  9. Are these 'safe' to buy on ebay? Are you getting the one that's on at the moment?
  10. I'm not getting that one right now and the seller is legit and really great. :smile:
  11. Heart Cadena was $350.00 last time I was in SF.......

    GT Are you looking for Gold or Palladium???
  12. Palladlum- Yikes, $350?
  13. That was for the Gold one, GT. Maybe the Pall one is different....I'll go take a look at my receipt for mine. I've got the Pall on my Trim and I was going to get the Gold one for a lil' something coming in a week or so......:graucho:

    but at $350.00.....geez I might just wait, spend a little more and buy one of the REAL hard to find ones like the Lion or Lantern or Shooting Star....
  14. A couple of weeks ago they had some Cadenas at the houston boutique. I know they had the Hippo and I think the other was the heart, but I am not sure. One was gold one was silver but I do not recall which is which