2004 Gray City - Pewter Hware $1199 Bin $1699

  1. Woooooooo! Gorgeous!
  2. mimi! I'm going to hunt you down and steal all your bbags you bbag hoarder, you!! :lol:

    :love: :drool:
  3. Mimi! I must admit that I am very temped, it looks gorgeous! Mmmmm.....
  4. WOW gorgeous!!! TDF! Good luck Mimz!
  5. This is bad I love the gray. I really need to find a way to make more money!
  6. Wow, Mimi, just beautiful! Good luck with the sale, the winner will be very very lucky!
  7. My dream City...
  8. Simply too good to be true.
  9. Mimi - it's beautiful. I dream of that grey. No money, alas. What are you doing, selling all your treasures????
  10. I bought it!!!! Did I do good? :upsidedown:
    I've never seen this color. Has any one else?
  11. Wow, congrats MaryMargaret! I'm jealous! And I've never seen this color before as well.....so, you got one that's rare & absolutely stunning.
  12. ^ Yup, I have a makeup clutch in the same color - it's so pretty with the silver hardware! Congrats MM!!
  13. aw, thanks everyone!!!! YAY! :love: so happy and excited for you MM! :smile:
  14. Mimi-

    You are the best!! This GRAY CITY is to die for and thank you so much.

    Ladies - if another gray 04 comes along, don't miss out. This color is 100 times prettier in person and the leather is unbelieveable. :yahoo: