2004 Eggplant First!

  1. Gorgeous!!!:love:
  2. Oh she's BEAUTIFUL! -Gasp!-
  3. I am truly in big trouble! My first bag hasn't arrived yet and I am having the devil of a time stopping myself from bidding on the few beauties up for auction today!

    That color is amazing! And the condition for an 04 is outstanding! Anybody wanna guess how high it will go for, if Seller keeps it open til the end? I think I am gonna have to join the battle for this one!
  4. Go for it, Deana! It is truly gorgeous!
  5. Any chance you can provide more particulars ... e.g.,
    • Opening bid
    • BIN = how much
    • A picture?
    • Seller
    Unfortunately, there are a few of us who can't get into eBay when in work ... we end up missing out on so much!!!

  6. Hi-

    Opening bid- $550
    No BIN listed
    seller- snowy812 (in canada)

    auction still has 5 days 15hrs left

    hope this helps!
  7. here ya go, CeeJay...isn't it purdy??

  8. Beautiful bag!!!!
  9. oh no ladies - I really want a eggplant first!! But I just purchased two b-bags this month. What's a girl to do!?!
  10. What's the problem with purchasing 3 b-bags this month? ;)
  11. Exactly. :P
  12. beautiful bag, great seller:yes:
  13. lol, we're all sick i tell you, S-I-C-K!!! :nuts:
  14. We've got the feee-verrr!!!:yahoo: The Bbag feee-verrrr!!! LOL!!!! :roflmfao: