2004 Eggplant Classique on ebay now!!! :)

  1. Wow, what a beauty! Ooh, good luck !!!
  2. wow goodluck with the sale!:flowers:
    Thanks for the heads up Amour!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. She only ships to the UK?
  4. Says "worldwide" on the listing:smile:
  5. It's so gorgeous! Ooh, I want it so bad!!
  6. Ooh, get it, doublec!!!:nuts: The eggplant is such a yummy colour!
  7. WOW - that's one hot bag! What a rare beauty. :heart:
  8. It looks kind of used, I want to city instead..but otherwise
    yummmy:yahoo: :nuts: :wlae: :jammin: :hysteric: :graucho: :yahoo: someone please
    get it:love:
  9. ^ go get it ladies!!!!!! heart:
  10. oh my goodness. now that is a beauty. :heart:
  11. If it had a BIN price, it would be gone already.....
  12. :love: :love: :love:
    Oh, why oh why do I have to be broke at a time like this?!?! :hysteric:
    Good luck to all the bidders!! :flowers:
    And thanks for posting, Amour!!
  13. OMG ... what a rare beauty :yes::P !!! GOOD LUCK with your sale... - it will find a lovely new home soon :tender:
  14. good luck... it is gorgeous!