2004 Eggplant City and 2007 Violet City Comparison

  1. Please see what I got! I know most of tPFers prefer Violet SGH City. But I love my Violet GGH City. I think the gold hardware does brighten up that beautiful purple.

    I put it next to my 2004 Eggplant RH City so you can see their colors and leather difference.


    Photo with flash light


    Photo with daylight


    2004 Eggplant RH City & 2007 Violet GGH City


    Side by Side comparison

  2. I'm dying over both those bags!!!!:drool::heart::love: Lucky girl!!!!!! I love the GGH!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Thanks for the comparison pics :nuts::tup: !!!
    I love violet my heart goes with eggplant:heart::heart: !!!!! Such a beautiful bags Congratss !!!
  4. Thanks for the comparison pic! I'm DROOLING over the leather on your violet! Congrats!
  5. Gorgeous purples! violet with GGH is unexpectedly TDF! Congrats on ur new violet!
  6. Thanks for the pictures!! Violet looks so regal with the GGH, very rich looking!!!!! The leather sure is different on the eggplant compared to the Violet. The eggplant leather almost looks pebbled?! Both are drop dead gorgeous- congrat.'s!!!!!
  7. the gold hardware looks so rich!!!!! congrats!!!!!
  8. That is one blingy bag!!! Yoy'll definately get noticed carrying that baby around. Shes beautiful!
  9. Thanks so much for the comparison pics!!!

    I too have Eggplant(s), and am thinking of getting something in Violet:heart:

    Both of your bags are gorgeous, congrats!!:yahoo:
  10. thanks for the pics! I'm so happy to see that the violet is a tad brighter! CONGRATS on the new bag!
  11. Both colors are amazing ... so gorgeous! I'd be happy to get my hands on either one;)
  12. WOW! I think Violet looks great with ALL HW! Congratulations and thanks for the comparison pics!
  13. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    YAY!!! Congratulations on your beautiful new addition! And a super thanks for the comparison photos. They definitely show the Violet is a litte brighter than the Eggplant, but in real life the Violet looks even brighter!!! The best comparison photos we've seen yet!!!

    I am confused though! I thought the Giant City was they same measurements as the regular City. Are the Giant City and Giant Work bigger than their counterparts with regular hardware?
  14. they are both equally beautiful. congrats on your new violet!
  15. lovely!! congrats handbagangel!!