2004 black purse w/ silver hware!!!

  1. ZOMG! it does exist! *faints* must... resist... this is an AMAZING deal! I must not buy it just because it's gorgeous and rare and cheap! omg! I think I'm insane now. no! *slaps self* Mocean, you do NOT need it! you have a black with silver hardware!

    get yourself together woman! *slaps self again*

  2. and not even a minute later after that cracked out post... it's gone!

    thank god!
  3. congratssss surferchick!:yahoo:
  4. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: so jealous! Congratulations on a beautiful bag. I love the silver hardware.
  5. I'm totally jealous, but she's a great PFer...congrats Surferchick!
  6. Congratulations, what a great deal on a gorgeous bag!
  7. Ditto. I am so happy for you Surferchick but I am SO jealous. This has to be the best buy I have yet to see. The bag is gorgeous....and the price.
  8. wooooooooooo-whooooooooooo, whatta rare beauty surferchick :yahoo:...i never even knew that bag existed IRL :smile:
  9. What a beauty! Congratulations surferchick!
  10. Congrats surferchick!

    And Amour, aside from being the b-bag :queen: , you can also for the CIA. Your skills looking for rare & great bags, as well as good buys, is just amazing.
  11. Whoa, awesome price! Congrats, surferchick!
  12. AMAAAAAZING!!!!!!!! I'm sooo happy for surfer!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  13. This was an absolutely amazing buy...I'm jealous...and HAPPY!!!
  14. wow...awesome deal! CONGRATS!!