2004 Black First - What is a good price to pay?

  1. Hi Bbag experts. I am so new to bbags. What would be a good price to pay for a 2005 black first in excellent condition. The only downside is the bag does not come with a mirror.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Is it priced at or above retail right now? I don't have a problem paying a little more than retail on an older one in excellent condition, especially if it is from 2005, but that's just me. :yes:
  3. i'd personally never pay over retail for a bbag :shame: even a o5, i feel like the o7's i have have ammmmmazing leather, so i dont see why i would pay more.

    that's just me, though :shame:
  4. I guess it all depends on how much you want it. I paid above retail for my RT day, in mint condition, and I don't regret it. I absolutely love the color and didn't think I would be lucky enough to find one. And then one day it was there on e**y and I just went for it.